Thursday, September 28, 2017

Update 1.22: What's next?

Hi there!

This post is a continuation of our release announcement of update 1.21. Read it first to learn about our latest features.

We were not in contact for really long time since release 1.20, so today I want to share with you on my thoughts about the future features for "Bind Mi Band".
Firstly, this wasn't right that it took so much time to make an update from the previous release. That's why I believe that next updates should be more granular and more often. Another thing is that it's better to work on one thing at a time. But there are so many of them! And you will help me to choose what to do!

Further, you will find a poll where you can leave your vote and share your opinion on what should be done next.

"Bind Mi Band" Update 1.21


It's great to be back here and announce about the new update of Bind Mi Band which we were preparing during last weeks.

Read below about new and improved things in this update.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Learning programming in C# has never been this fun!

Hi there!

One of my friends is working hard on his educational project and asked me to promote it to the readers of this blog. I believe that some of you may find it interesting since sometimes I receive questions about how to start programming in C# for Windows. Here is a way! is an interactive platform for learning to programme in C# for beginners. In a form of a science-fiction story, you will learn new things and will gradually master C# language and basics of programming. No prior programming experience is needed!