Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Notify Mi Band. Update 1.2

Hello there!

Week ago we published the first version of "Notify Mi Band" and it seems to go pretty well, right? In the coming update, we improved several things both on the technical level and UI.

  1. Improved activation scenario. Now you won't need to close "Bind Mi Band" when you activate the app. But you might still need this when you open "Notify Mi Band" next time.
  2. Enhanced support for some apps, which didn't have a correct name displayed (it showed a path like "C:\Programs\.."). You still might see something weird in the app name, so contact us if that happens.
  3. Additional information support. We added "help" page that should provide answers to the "most hot" questions regarding the app.

"Bind Mi Band" also receives a small but recommended update 1.18.2.