Saturday, September 3, 2016

Release 1.17: More settings for Mi Band 2

Hi there!

We are happily rolling out the new update 1.17.0 that contains important fixes and improvements, mainly for Mi Band 2, but not only. Let's go through them.

1. For Mi Band 2:

  • You can configure which items on the screen are visible.
  • It's possible to allow the screen to highlight when you lift your wrist.
  • You can configure activity reminder, enable and disable it, set when it should work.

2. Everywhere around the app now we show date and time in your regional format settings. In the same format it should be visible on the screen of your Mi Band 2.

3. Now it's possible to set up to 10 alarms for Mi Band 2 (and up to 3 for older bands, as it was before).

4. Major fixes in synchronization for both Mi Band 2 and Mi Band 1.

5. Small stability, speed and UX fixes.

Well, it's quite a long list. We hope that you will like the changes.