Saturday, July 30, 2016

Mi Band 2 Information Update

Hello there!

We have some good news to share. Many of you ask whether "Bind Mi Band" supports Mi Band 2 and when it will happen. Hope that now we'll cover these questions.

1. Bind Mi Band will support Mi Band 2. The new band has absolutely different communication protocol comparing to Mi Band 1. We have completed its investigation and now are sure that at least all basic features will be covered (most probably all of them).
2. We still need to polish the app (right now it's kind of messy), retest with all models of bands and all possible scenarios. I would say this will take another week or two. So, please, have some patience.
3. The worst is behind. Now it is the fun part :D

After Mi Band 2 support will be released, we'll work on notifications support for all models of Mi Band and Windows 10 Anniversary.

Have a great August!

* gone coding *

Sunday, July 3, 2016

[UPDATED] Windows Insider Preview 14379 Synchronization Problem

We get numerous feedback from Windows insiders that there are problems with synchronization on build 14379 (and probably 14376). Unfortunately, we can't do anything on our side. Seems like some Bluetooth low-level caching problem.

A temporary solution to the problem would be a restart of your phone before synchronization as some people report. Otherwise, you need to wait for the next update of Windows.

We can only say that the news is good and bad at the same time. From one side, we don't recommend to use unstable builds, but from the other side, it means that Windows team is doing at least something and (hopefully) is moving forward.

UPDATE: as it is reported by users, in build 14383 everything goes well with sync.

Regarding Mi Band 2: it was really hard to get it and I ordered it from 2 stores. After weeks of waiting, now both of them are shipping. I expect to get first of them next week and start exploring (I don't know what I'm going to do with two bands, but this is another question...)

UPDATE: I received Mi Band 2 and started to implement support of it. It will take some time, since protocol has changed greatly.

See you soon!