Saturday, April 30, 2016

[UPDATED] Windows 10 news (good and bad)

Hi everybody,

We have some news regarding Windows 10 and Mi Band. Let's start with the bad one. (update is in the end of the post)

Since Windows 10 release, we received numerous letters regarding issues of Bluetooth stability and connectivity. All of them seem to be fixed in update 10586.218. After it was released, issues almost completely disappeared (here and here the Bluetooth-fix is confirmed).

But in latest Windows 10 Insider Preview update 14322, which is on Fast Ring of updates, Bluetooth LE support seems to be broken again. We diagnosed the issue, tried to push some improvements, but OS doesn't give access to Bluetooth device, throwing different exceptions. From some users, we hear that the same issue is happening to similar apps, so it's not a problem of Bind Mi Band.

We can't do anything with it, guys. You knew what you signed for when joined Insider Preview. So try to roll back to the stable version of OS or wait for next update. If you got any solution or possible fix to the issue, please let us know.

And now to the good news...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Small update 1.14


We are rolling out a small update for Bind Mi Band with version 1.14.0. Actually, it's small only at the first look, but inside we have done big UI refinement work.

1. We have made app more accessible. So now if you change font scaling in system settings, app will  respond and almost all the parts of it will have font scaled. It should be done much earlier, but I hope that now it will be more comfortable to use the app for people with bad sight (like me).