Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bind Mi Band and Windows 10 Mobile

In the light Windows 10 Mobile update rolling out, we want to inform you how to avoid issues with Bind Mi Band app.

First of all, Bind Mi Band works on Windows 10 Mobile.

If after upgrade from 8.1 the app can't find the band, try next steps:
1. Remove band in Bluetooth settings (actually remove, don't just click on it) and then add it back. Later you will need to bind band in the app again and it should work.
2. If the first step doesn't help you, try to reinstall the app. But do step 1 before that.

Also, answering the question if something changed with notifications in the new OS: no, nothing has changed in Windows 10 Mobile. We still can't make band vibrate when an incoming call is ringing.

So this is all.

There will be more news soon :)


  1. works excellent few months with my Lumia 950XL. no any issue or problem. great work!

  2. Maybe it is possible to support notifications by sideloading the app. This developer also uses this for pebble time:

    1. Really, it would be amazing. Even if it standalone app, what work only if installed Bind Mi Band pro.

    2. That would be awesome!! I hate it when my phone rings or the sound of the vibrations on the table and most of the time I don't feel the vibrations in my pocket.

  3. works excellent on Windows 10 Mobile (Band 1S)

  4. Thanks a lot for your app. I am new user of MiBand 1S and your app. seems to be very sophisticated. I want to buy full version to have all features. :)

  5. Great app but when it is not possible to alert on calendar, call, sms or mail, then the usage with windows phone is very limited. I was wondering if at least would be possible to automatically measure on background heart rate every x minutes, and/or more often when it detect walking, or at least allow repetitive test on request. So that when I do some activity, I could run it and then see how my heart rate was changing, what was the peak etc.

  6. Great App! Just bought a Mi band 2 this afternoon. the basic features worked well. My band vibrates when there is an incoming call. It shows the name of the caller except for the number. Also, the band vibrates everytime a message or any notification from all the app from my window phone (windows 10 latest build) pop-ups. Its just that the icon is the same (sms icon) for all the notification except call notification.

    I was also deceived by the picture description that i can change the color of the LED but later on I figured it out that its only for Mi band 1 and 1S. But a great feature in the future.

    I purchased the lifetime subscription to unlock all the features. I can say it's worth buying for to analyze sleep and etc.

    Over all, I want to thank the developers who made this app posible for windows phone users. I am big fan of windows phone for its superb performance and stability.

    Hope you'll make it through all the top and inspire other developers to make an app as well to open the gates of posibilities for more features.



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