Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Happy Birthday, Bind Mi Band! Release 1.13

Happy Birthday to you! 
Happy Birthday to you! 
Happy Birthday, dear Bind Mi Band! 
Happy Birthday to you!

Around a year ago the app was published to Windows Store. It was just started as a fun project that potentially could become useful for Windows Phone users. The first draft was made on hackathon for one night. No one expected that it will be of so great help to people. We are feeling really happy about how many people we have helped and have big plans to continue doing this.

It may be interesting to know that the app had 54 190 downloads from the Store and we had 60 734 views on the blog. But you probably will be surprised (we actually are!) to know that we have received and sent more than 5500 EMAILS regarding support and other questions. And we are still happy to receive your feedback and questions :) (but, please, read FAQ before that).

As a small present for all of you, we have made release 1.13 (not the best number, yeah...)

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bind Mi Band and Windows 10 Mobile

In the light Windows 10 Mobile update rolling out, we want to inform you how to avoid issues with Bind Mi Band app.

First of all, Bind Mi Band works on Windows 10 Mobile.

If after upgrade from 8.1 the app can't find the band, try next steps:
1. Remove band in Bluetooth settings (actually remove, don't just click on it) and then add it back. Later you will need to bind band in the app again and it should work.
2. If the first step doesn't help you, try to reinstall the app. But do step 1 before that.

Also, answering the question if something changed with notifications in the new OS: no, nothing has changed in Windows 10 Mobile. We still can't make band vibrate when an incoming call is ringing.

So this is all.

There will be more news soon :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Release 1.12 with Firmware Upgrading

Hi there!

"The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated" as Mark Twain said. Though February was a hard month, full of events, we continue to develop the app and here is the new portion of updates in version 1.12. 

The main improvement: now it's possible to upgrade the firmware of Mi Band with our app. This works for all the versions of Mi Band. We won't be necessary having the latest firmware from Mi Fit, but the version, which we'll have in Bind Mi Band, is guaranteed to be 99% working. Many people complained about issues related to alarms and heart rate measuring. Now this improvement should help them. This feature still can be unstable, but it shouldn't cause issues with your Mi Band in the case of failure. If firmware upgrade permanently crashes for you, try to reboot your band. 

Yes, by the way...