These are the people who helped to make the app as it is. Huge thanks to each one of you!


Italiano - Enrico Mazzoli
Polski - Mateusz Pianka
Čeština - Pavel Mráček
Magyar  - Farkas László
Português - Pedro Lima
Français - Olivier Depalle
Türkçe - Necip Ates
Deutsch - Marcel Lohmann
Español - Hikaru Ryoko
中文 - Pin Lyu
Deutsch - Sarah Dirkschnieder
Polski - Krzysztof Sykta
Español - Isaías Orozco Toledo
Italiano - Alessio Gatto
Français - Denis Schoelens
Slovak - Andrej Melicher
Português (BR) - Vinicius Valença

Icon and tiles

Kaustubh Adhav


  1. I want to translate this app into vietnamese, how can i do

  2. I can help you to translate this app into russian and ukrainian.

  3. Olá, boa noite!! Parabéns pelo aplicativo. Aguardando notificações de apps, Sms, Whats, etc. E também na língua Português - Brasil.

  4. I have Lumia 640 with Win10 Mobile, Version 1607, OS build 10.0.14393.189, and installed latest bindmiband.
    I have a new MiBand2 that is working fine with Android mobile of my wife, but I need to use it with my Lumia.
    When it goes to bind with my band paired on BT, it times out and fails.
    Is this a known issue, and when could we expect a solution?

  5. Thanks a lot the windowsphone version of this app!!!!

  6. How can I help with Greek translations?

  7. If you are interested i can translate this to swedish.

  8. Thanks for this app. A ďakujem aj za preklad do SK jazyka Andrej Melicher.

  9. Thanks for the app... is it maybe possible to fire the app up and make it usable with multiple devices from the chinese manufactures?

    Xiaomi, Teclast, Zeblaze, ID107, Cubote for example.

    You could Charge a small amount of money for the needed Extension.

  10. Thank you all, i love the app!

  11. La aplicación es perfecta, sib fallos, muy buena. Sigan actualizándose para tener más funciones. Gracias!

  12. Спасибо!все устраивает и уже хочется большего, например монитор сердцв во сне.

  13. I can not pair. After the incision touch me band 2 wibruję and nothing happens.