Monday, September 18, 2017

Learning programming in C# has never been this fun!

Hi there!

One of my friends is working hard on his educational project and asked me to promote it to the readers of this blog. I believe that some of you may find it interesting since sometimes I receive questions about how to start programming in C# for Windows. Here is a way! is an interactive platform for learning to programme in C# for beginners. In a form of a science-fiction story, you will learn new things and will gradually master C# language and basics of programming. No prior programming experience is needed!

Here is what you will find there:
  • An adventure story mixed with an explanation of programming principles.
  • You can write C# code directly in the browser and run it.

  • Codeasy checks the code written by you immediately and outputs the result.
  • If you can’t solve the task you can use a hint.

  • In case of difficulties, you can ask mentors in a Slack chat.
  • When a task is solved, you can compare your result with a solution of a senior developer.

  • Leaderboard - competition always adds some drive, right?

The good thing for you is that of a moment of writing this post, all the course is absolutely free! No strings attached, no payment details needed, just go straight ahead and become a programmer today!

Of course, I never used the platform myself for real because I've been programming for more than a decade, but I am following project's growth and gave some tips to my friend here and there. It's truly amazing to see how mature Codeasy already is and it is continuously improved. 

So if it was that you wanted to try out programming, there is no better time than now and with

Thanks for your attention, guys! See you soon!

P.S. This post is not sponsored or something like that. You probably will never see anything like this on the blog in the future. I just know that sometimes it might be very hard to reach people with a project that you work on hard days and nights, so just helping to spread the word for a fellow dev. Cheers!