Saturday, January 14, 2017

Windows Insider Preview 10.0.15007 Information

Hello there!

There is a big hype around latest Insider Preview for Windows Mobile. We get a lot of emails and comments about that and want to clarify couple things.

  1. There are connectivity issues on some devices.
    We haven't investigated that, but if the app works for you on a stable build and stops on Preview, this means that the issue is in OS update. This happened before and not once, so we believe that Microsoft will fix the problem soon, but this can take from a week to couple months. They have to do this anyway, for the sake of backward compatibility :)
    Reminding again: you are using Insider Preview builds on your own risk. Please, send complaints to Microsoft.
  2. GATT Server API was introduced in this build.
    Is it useful for us? Can't say sure, but, probably, no. We already can send notifications to the band with existing APIs.
    The idea behind GATT Server API is that band might become able to send notifications back to the phone/PC. AFAIK, Mi Band doesn't do this. Saying other words, Xiaomi should implement support for this on a hardware side first.
    If you possess some specific info regarding Mi Band and GATT Server, let us know.

If you read the post twice and something is still not clear, feel free to contact support.

See you soon!