Thursday, November 26, 2015

[CLOSED] Looking for BETA knights!

Hello, there!

Not so much news during November, because it was much coding and designing :)

Very soon you will be able to get the new super-duper version of Bind Mi Band app. Before it goes into mass, we need to test it a bit and check that everything works as expected for everyone. Previously, we had BETA testers program, but it was so much time ago, that I would like to completely refresh BETA testers list. We need 50 of them! The application is closed.

So, if you want to participate in BETA you have to:

1. Send at our support email address your Microsoft account email with a remark that you want to participate in BETA. It's safe and only way. Please, don't leave comments regarding that here on the blog. Your email will be exposed, I don't want that. Only email applications will be considered. 

1*. You can include some information on how you use the app, what you like and don't, your experience :)

2. Wait for a letter with instructions. It can take for 1 week.

Remember, if you previously participated in BETA, you have to send your email again.

Only first 50 people will get in the list, so hurry up!

See ya!
*went back coding*


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  2. this new version will be compatible with MiBand 1s?

    1. Not yet... Waiting for the new Mi Band to arrive.

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    3. You mean that current/new version of app isn't compatible with new band or just with new features? I am wondering if there is any chance to use new band model like old one (without hert rate monitor) until Your program will officialy support it.

      Thanks for the great app btw and keep it up! :)

    4. I can't say anything, because I didn't try it with new Mi Band yet. I don't know if existing features will work ok...

    5. Any news? I have Lumia 520 and I want buy MiBand 1S tommorow. :)

    6. 1s should arrive in nearest time and will integrate it :)

  3. friend, how can I report the Beta errors?

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  5. Jello. Is still possible to be a tester?

    Best regards

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  7. I am hesitating about which band I should buy. I have four choices in my mind: Miband 1, Miband 1S(with optical heartrate sensor), Weloop Now(similar with Miband 1, but has a touchscreen) and Weloop Tommy smartwatch(with a 30 day battery). Weloop has better products than XiaoMi and cheaper price than other international companies. However, like many other Chinese startup company, they are reluctant to develop a WP app. Back to our WP OS, it seems that MiBand 1 is the uniqe smartband/watch choice which is less than $100. I hope more devices can be hacked and supported by WP developers.

  8. Is this beta-version going to be capable of sending notifications running on W10? I was going to buy another smartband with original WP support, but if you are on that I'll stay here :P


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