Wednesday, July 1, 2015

3 Days In Mountains = 3 Conclusions

It was a hard, but nice weekend in mountains without computers :)

One of my hiking days stats...
I've walked around 46 km and was at 1836 m altitude. After these 3 days, I've got some thoughts...

1. Sleep tracking doesn't work in trains.

This is expected issue, because there in train everything is shaking and this causes false movements. But it was interesting to know.

2. My new Yi Camera by Xiaomi is also a fine device :) maybe, it will be good to write an app for it?

3. Sleep information synchronization is bad in "Bind Mi Band". This is mostly WP issue and I'm well aware about it, but after few days in mountains I have new ideas how to make it better! I'm going to try this in nearest time.

There was also unpleasant surprise by Microsoft after weekend, that has discouraged me a lot to continue developing for WP, but I hope that their support will help me and I will believe in the platform again. In any case, this project will be developed, but starting of new one is under question...

P.S. I got so many letters from you guys, that I, probably, need my own support service now :D Thank you lot for your feedback and suggestions. Also, I'm always happy to help you with your "Bind Mi Band" issues.

 See ya!


  1. I am glad that the trip was enjoyable!

    One question: is there a chance to update the band via the Bind Mi Band? Now, I must pair with my Nexus, update, unpair, pair with WinPhone. Probably not, but I had to ask.

    PS. Thanks!

    1. It is possible technically, but I don't want to do this, because it's "unsafe" action that can cause issues with user's Mi Band. I don't want to take such responsibility.

    2. Some relaxing time always are great. So the xiaomi yi works well?I just bought one and am I am eager to use it. And the app could be very interesting indeed. Thank you very much for your effort

  2. Hi, I am the user has to pay, I'm very happy with band bind mi. can tell me when the feature history

  3. Hey there. Thank you for the app, you're doing a great job and please, please don't stop! There are not so many good aps for mi for WP, yours is definitely the best.
    As for sleeping - if I have to take the band off while typing on keyboard, the band thinks I am sleeping and the sleep is tracked badly in general. Is it a band issue or it can be somehow fixed in an app later? Just wondering, not complaining )

    1. The band is designed in such a way, that you have to wear it all the day... In future it will be possible to remove this wrongly detected sleep. At the moment, it is more important to detect sleep, than not to detect. So this wrongly detection is ok :)


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