Friday, April 17, 2015

Time to color things

We receive many concerns regarding lack of features in Bind Mi Band application. It's obvious, that all of them, can't be completed immediately, but some necessary things are ready to be tasted.

In latest update promised "Device" page is available!

Now you can see such important device information, like:
- battery charge and last charge date
- band's firmware version 

To improve correctness of steps tracking, choose wear location of the band. And don't ask what is "neck" :) seems that it's somewhere on body.

Many users asked about changing of LEDs' color and now we introduced this option! Choose one of nine best colors for Mi Band.

Also, there are some handy features, hidden in bottom menu. You can locate your band, if you do not see it, so it will start to vibrate and flash LEDs. Also, now you can unbind your band from application. 

That's all for now. And don't forget to Bind Mi Band :)

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